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Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Peel'N'Stick Packs - Vivi's Boutique

Autumn Decorations from Vivi's Boutique
Define Yourself.  Design Yourself! 
Your Vivi's Boutique Peel'N'Stick Pack includes:
  • (4) 36" x 32" Stick-On Wallpaper Panels (That's 12 linear feet! We separate it into panels to make installation a breeze.)
  • (8) 36" x 4" Stick-On Borders
  • (1) 78" x 48" Coordinating Sticker Decal Sheet

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mary Bertucelli

Your prayers are needed for our sweet Mary Bertucelli who suffered a massive heart attack last week leaving her entire left side paralyzed.  Mary has been the receptionist/assistant bookkeeper at Wacky World for the past 8 years.  Prayers are also needed for her husband Frank, who is battling Stage 5 cancer, which has now spread throughout his body.  A very sad and difficult time.  May God bless them both.