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Monday, February 22, 2016

NewPointe Community Church, OH

Come one and all to NewPointe Community Church in Dover OH. Enter through the double doors and take a stroll over the bridge into a camping themed adventure like no other. The magnificent 20 foot high sculpted tree is something to behold. Venture up the stairs into the middle of the tree, and gaze in wide wonder. Sit down and slide your way out!

Split log seating around the cozy fire is the perfect setting for a Bible story. Take in the beautiful mural work that surrounds you. Waterfalls cascade into a wonderful rushing river, that is actually a floor graphic!

Let your imagination go wild with the touchy feely interactive buckets, or relax in the raft along the river bed. Find out where that mine shaft leads or what could be in the cave?

Feeling lost? No worries. There are directional banners that will guide the way. Visit the rental and ranger station. Crawl, climb and slide your way around the awesome interactive play feature. Feel like taking a drive? Jump in the interactive woody car and pretend to take it for a spin.

If you want to live an adventure customized for you, contact Wacky World Studios today and turn your dreams into reality!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Decorating Places - VBS - Cave Quest

Bruce is at it again! This time he's off on an underground adventure. Pick up your copy of 'Decorating Places: Cave Quest - Following Jesus the Light of the World' today. Get tips and tricks from the Themer Bruce Barry about how to build your very own VBS set. "Bruce makes it easy to create this magnificent set..."