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Monday, April 8, 2013

Canyon Hills Assembly of God. Bakersfield, CA
This is our latest in church themed environments. Welcome to Canyon Hills This magnificent sign can be seen from the highway. If it were any bigger, we would have had to put the building on the sign! Take a look below. 

We went all out, at Canyon Hills. Wall murals, wallcoverings, 3D builds, 2D reliefs, animated murals and more!

Take a ride in the Woody and go on an adventure. Watch out though, there might be bears ahead! This customized 3D car sculpture is interactive and can fit up to four passengers. Open on all sides for a full range of visibility, and with the amount of work that went into this church environment you won't want to miss a thing!

Slide down the Raging Rapids and hold on tight! Kids will love this interactive play feature!

Check out these wonderful kids wallcoverings. They really pull you in to the environment. You can always feel the cool breeze coming off the water and the smell of the forest.

This church themed environment comes complete with log cabin wallcoverings and decals. Finding your room will be easy with these custom signs too! 

Who wouldn't want to have a custom built fountain with L.E.D. lights illuminating it? I know I would!

This river features our Animated Murals technique. Sit beside the river and watch the water flow. Just be careful not to step on any river rocks when you cross over it!

Like what you see? Want to see more? Click here and visit us at Wacky World Studios to see more pictures from this gorgeous church themed environment.

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