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Friday, December 20, 2013

Time and time again Bruce Barry's Wacky World Studios, the leader in children's church themed environments, is creating amazing environments and this one is no exception! This magnificent project can be seen at the Victory Church in Amarillo, Texas. Featuring 3D sculptures, 2D cutouts, wallcoverings, floor to ceiling murals, check-in stations, game stations... Need we go on.

Welcome to the custom church themed environment at the Victory Church in Aramillo Texas! The art work resembles a backlot movie theatre, with Jesus as the director. The mural represents a full warehouse of movie equipment.

The piano and crates are self check-in stations. The piano has a Toon Town look and feel to it. A facade of a door with steps and railings leading to the director's office. A 2D cutout with props and a floor to ceiling mural

What an awesome stage area! A beautiful floor to ceiling wallcovering

What an awesomely amazing gamestation area! Don't worry that truck won't go anywhere. Another beautifully done piece of artwork. It actually looks like the TV's are sitting on the bed of that truck, huh?

Want to see more images from this creation and more from Bruce Barrys Wacky World? Click here and take a look at some of our other projects too.


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